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Ines Anioli Alter Height, Measurements, Age, Biography, Wiki & more. Ines Anioli Alter is a Germany Comedian and Influencer. She famous for her performance on her YouTube channel “Olga Says”, where she uploading videos about taboo topics, such as challenges, either alone or with other German online stars. Moreover, she started a podcast with erotic model Leila Lowfire and the show later broadcast by the Television station “Tele 5”.

Ines Anioli Alter

Personal life and interesting facts

  • Ines Anioli is currently single, but has been with Canadian-Italian author Luke Mockridge in the past.
  • According to her Instagram profile, she is a vegan.
  • She also maintains a close friendship outside of YouTube with the erotic model Leila Lowfire.
  • She achieved a noticeable surge in fame when she asked Robbie Williams to sign her breasts at one of his Germany concerts, which the superstar then did in front of the entire audience.
  • She founded a club called “,, small t * ts club”. Despite the name, Anioli says that anyone can join the club.

Childhood, Family and Education

  • Ines Anioli was born in Germany on September 1, 1986.
  • After completing school, she began training as a radio host, which she successfully completed.
  • Anioli hosted various shows for several radio stations, including the Kiss FM and RPR1 stations .
  • Through her cheeky manner and shameless choice of words, Anioli developed a wide-ranging fan club during her career on the radio.
  • She launched her YouTube channel Olga says on January 22, 2014, but continued to work for the radio at that time.
  • Anioli currently lives in Berlin.

Career on YouTube

  • Although Anioli set up her YouTube channel for the radio and uploaded some videos while she was working, it took some time before she completely focused on her YouTube career and finally left her job on the radio.
  • Her videos quickly became well-known in the German-speaking countries, because they differ from most other German videos and YouTubers on the platform due to their uncensored language and subject areas.
  • The content of her YouTube channel is mainly about sex and women’s rights, but in the past two years Anioli has started to upload vlogs and challenge videos.
  • It currently has 100,000+ subscribers on YouTube and over 20 million channel views.

Your own podcast

  • One of her most successful projects was a podcast, which she started in 2016 together with the erotic model Leila Lowfire.
  • The podcast, often called “Germany’s sex podcast” by viewers, contains the two women and their opinions and conversations on various topics related to sex.
  • Together with Lowfire, Anioli also produced a show called Vendetta Tinsel. Talking is silver, revenge is gold , in which the two travel to different European cities and face each other with different challenges in public.
  • The show was broadcast by German private broadcaster Tele 5 and generally rated with mixed reviews.

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