Sophia Diamond Height, Weight, Measurements, Age, Biography, Wiki

Sophia Diamond Height, Weight, Measurements, Age, Biography, Wiki. Sophia Diamond is a Russian Social Media Celebrity. She  is most popular for her dance videos which she shares on her Instagram and Tik Tok Account.

She has many videos had gone viral and she earned a huge amount of fan followers withing short period of time. She extremely well maintained and amazing body fitness, which is appreciated by her fans. Sophia Diamond runs her self titled YouTube channel and has a nice fan followers.

Sophia Diamond

Sophia Diamond Age, Wiki & Biography

Date of Birth August 21, 2001
Age 19 Years Old
Birthplace Russian
Zodiac Singh Virgo
Nationality Russian, Israeli, Canadian
Ethnicity Russian
Profession Instagram star, star

Net Worth & Salary

Her net worth is growing with growing followers. She got sponsored by various brands and apps which she promotes mostly through her Instagram stories. However, it is not possible to exactly estimate her net worth given her meteoric rise in fame as well as fortune. Regardless, the rough estimate of her net worth is around $100k to $150k.

Personal Life & Relationship History

Relationship Status Committed
Boyfriend’s name Kian Salehi
Previous relationship None
Children None

Sophia Diamond’s boyfriend is Kian Salehi and they are dating for quite a time now. She frequently uploads pictures of her with Kian describing the love she has for him. She also said that he is one of her few friends and is very very special to her. However, on September 12, 2018, she deleted all the photos of her with Kian from her Instagram account. She has not said anything about why she did that. So, details are to be followed to know if they broke up or not.

UPDATE: In December 2018, she confirmed that she had broken up with Kian via Instagram live stream. She mentioned that the relationship was not working out and they broke up on good terms. Also, she seems to be handling the break-up quite well and with maturity.

Family, Childhood & Education

Father She has not talked or mentioned anything about her father on any of social media accounts till now.
Mother She has not revealed her mother in any of her social media accounts. However, she often mentions her mother and she likes to stay away from the camera taking the role of a support system in Sophia’s life.
Sibling She has a sister.
Childhood Her mother along with moved to Israel when she was of 8. She told in her YouTube videos that she was bullied since her childhood and it is still on given her fame and popularity. However, she also is matured enough to not give much attention to these negative stuff.
Education Sophia Diamond has not revealed where she studied and is studying. However, she is currently on the way to complete her high-school education. She is now in the final year of her high-school.

Height Weight & Body Measurements

Height 5 feet and 7 inches
Weight 48 kg
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue

Career Highlights

Sophia Diamond started her career by uploading videos. She instantly became viral because of her dance, mainly belly dance. Also, she garnered a lot of followers because of her stunning beauty and dancing. After that, she started uploading photos of her and some bits of her life in Snapchat and Instagram.

In 2017, she started her YouTube channel. But, she is inconsistent in uploading videos because most of her time goes in her study. However, she is very active in Snapchat and Instagram with lots of followers.

Rumors and Controversy

Since the start of her social media career, she has always been very sincere and loving towards her fans. She often posts messages of her fans on her Instagram stories to tell how much her fans mean to her. Also, even after being this popular, she frequently replies to her fans in the comment section of her social media accounts, mainly on Instagram.

Also, she has a very sincere and frank personality which makes her easy to connect with her fans very well. She has never indulged herself in any kinds of rumors and controversies till now. You can read biography of Gabrielle Epstein and Claire Hosterman.

Facts About Sophia Diamond

  • She was born in Russia, grew up in Israel and currently residing in Canada. She was born in Russia and is fully a Russian. When she was eight months old, she moved to Israel with her mother and sister. She lived there for 11 years (till 11 years) and moved to Canada.
  • Meaning behind her name? In Russian, Dimentbarg is translated as Diamond. So, her mother kept that as her last name.
  • Her favorite music genre is RnB. She is a huge fan of “Weeknd” and most of her dance videos are also influenced by this genre.
  • She was bullied and she still is bullied. In her first YouTube video, she said that she was bullied in her childhood and this is much more in her high school due to her fame and popularity. However, she is doing very well to ignore such things.
  • She said, “Most people in school treat me as garbage for no reason. And I just ignore these people.”
  • Where she buys her fashion outfits and dresses? She mostly gets her clothing from H&M, Garage and Urban Planet.

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